How do you prioritise mental health and well-being in your workplace?
Mental Health [Psychosocial] Safety – The Competency Skills for Managers 1. Prioritising Mental Health in the Workplace
Toxic skill level – [Team members experience]"My manager openly mocked my anxiety during a team meeting, making jokes and belittling my concerns. It left me feeling humiliated and reluctant to speak up about my mental health issues again." Low skill level – “We don't have any specific strategies for supporting mental health. We expect our employees to manage their own well-being.” High skill level – “I prioritise mental health by regularly checking in with team members, providing resources for stress reduction and self-care, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. We also encourage open communication and have a confidential reporting system for any mental health concerns.” I invite you to assess yourself in The Ten Manager Competencies for Psychosocial Safety

Speaking and Workshop Topics

1. Am I Safe to Talk To? – one-hour keynote How do you have a caring conversation with someone – without being awkward, saying the wrong thing, trying to solve their problem or talking about yourself. The RUOK focus has been outstanding in creating awareness of mental health challenges. The RUOK question seems simple enough, but to be effective it relies on substantial skills on the part of the person who is asking the question. Because in the moment when the question is asked, the person will make a snap decision – “Is this person safe for me to share what is going on for me?” So the question is – “Are you safe to talk to?” Learn More 2.Taming the Stress and Burnout Monster – one-hour keynote Finding your ‘C’ Space to Have a Happier Life Many people do not function anywhere near their optimal capacity because of their inability to handle their stress and fear monster. In other words, their inability to have composure and regulate their reaction to stress, change, uncertainty and when things don’t go the way they want or expect them to. This wastes so much energy and leads to substantial amounts of conflict from managers and team members. Learn More 3.SAFE Conversations @ Work – three-hour workshop The "SAFE Conversations @ Work" workshop is a three-hour in-person or virtual interactive session led by Bill Carson, a certified master mental health first aid instructor and resilience coach. The workshop aims to equip managers and leaders with the skills to engage in compassionate and person-centered conversations with team members who may be experiencing mental and emotional challenges or difficulties. The training focuses on separating personal issues from performance issues, understanding the continuum of mental health and illness/injury, recognizing signs of struggle, building trust and empathy, asking appropriate questions, active listening, empowering individuals to seek assistance, and managing one's own self-care. The workshop provides customized activities, skills practice, and additional resources for managers to cultivate an authentic and caring workplace culture. Learn More