How do you prioritise mental health and well-being in your workplace?
Mental Health [Psychosocial] Safety – The Competency Skills for Managers 6. Reducing Stigma
Q. Can you share any initiatives or programs you have implemented to reduce stigma around mental health in the workplace and promote a positive culture of well-being? Toxic skill level – "Despite providing medical documentation for my mental health condition, my manager refused to make any accommodations. They insisted that I needed to perform at the same level as everyone else, even though I was struggling." Low skill level – “We haven't implemented any initiatives or programs to reduce stigma around mental health. It's not a priority in our workplace.” High skill level – “We launched a mental health awareness campaign that included educational workshops, guest speaker sessions, and testimonials from employees who shared their personal mental health journeys. We also implemented a "buddy system" where team members were paired up to provide support and encourage open conversations. The initiative significantly reduced stigma, increased awareness, and fostered a more positive and supportive culture around mental health.” I invite you to assess yourself in The Ten Manager Competencies for Psychosocial Safety

Speaking and Workshop Topics

1. The Other Side of RUOK? Am I Safe to Talk To? – one-hour keynote The RUOK focus has been outstanding in creating awareness of mental health challenges. The RUOK question seems simple enough, but to be effective it relies on substantial skills on the part of the person who is asking the question. Because in the moment when the question is asked, the person will make a snap decision – “Is this person safe for me to share what is going on for me?” So the question is – “Are you safe to talk to?” Learn More 2. Resilience First Aid Starter Training [RFAST] – two hour workshop Discover Connected Resilience with the RFAST transformative 2-hour workshop, designed to equip you with essential tools and strategies for fostering mental well-being in yourself and others. Delve into the evolving world of mental health prevention and learn how to create a supportive environment through psychosocial hazard awareness. Join us to unlock your potential in promoting resilience and embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment for the betterment of your community, workplace, and personal life. Learn More 3. Mental Health Awareness & Resources for Yourself – for Teams In-office/Onsite/At home/Hybrid Interactive Worksop – 1.5 hour workshop - online or F2F Mental Health Awareness & Resources for Yourself – for Teams In-office/Onsite/At home/Hybrid Interactive Workshop provides a foundation and framework for assisting Managers and Team Members to understand and care for their mental and emotional wellbeing in the context of working at a workplace or from home or hybrid. Managers & Team members will learn practical tools and techniques to successfully engage in the workplace environment of virtual and in-person while recognising the potential challenges as well. Acknowledging that communication is critical in maintaining connections, especially during challenging times, Managers & Team members will be assisted to recognise their own signs of struggling, coping or thriving and the range of resources for their own self-care and mental wellbeing. Learn More