The Other Side of RUOK Am I Safe to Talk To
Am I Safe to Talk To?
one-hour keynote
The RUOK focus has been outstanding in creating awareness of mental health challenges.
The RUOK question seems simple enough, but to be effective it relies on substantial skills on the part of the person who is asking the question.
Because in the moment when the question is asked, the person will make a snap decision – “Is this person safe for me to share what is going on for me?”
So the question is – “Are you safe to talk to?”
What if the person you ask says “No I’m not OK” Then do you have the communication skills to engage in the conversation? Can you manage your emotional reaction? Can you do empathy – which is to focus on them? Or do you do sympathy and you talk about yourself or you tell them what to do?
Or do you respond with “I know how you feel….” [You don’t really]
“I understand what you are going through ….” [Again, nice try but you really have no idea]
Most people, and particularly Managers, have never been taught the person-centered communication skills to do empathy and compassion appropriately.
You will learn how to have safe and authentic conversations to support mental health and wellbeing in yourself, for themselves and others.
In this keynote, mental health and wellbeing specialist Bill Carson will share best practice insights and key strategies on how to see and hear the signs that someone may be struggling, how to engage in an empathetic conversation and how to empower the person to access the resources that are most appropriate for them.
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