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We can help YOU!

Have you ever regretted not connecting with a team member, colleague, or friend because you didn’t know what to say, you didn’t know if you could help?

Or, did you not ask for help for yourself?

At Inspire Learning we help you to notice the signs and the symptoms when someone may be struggling with anxiety, depression, burnout, anger, and stress.

With Inspire Learning you will learn how to start a conversation, what to say, what not to say, and then what resources are available to support people in the place where they are at.

Many people do not have the skills to deal with these complex personal situations and will often negatively impact the psychological safety of their team members, colleagues, or friends


3 hrs interactive workshop
Multiple Delivery Options 

(F2F or Online)


Mental Health First Aid
12 hrs learning 

Multiple Delivery Options 

(F2F, Online, E-Learning)



6 hrs Coaching and Learning

Multiple Delivery Options 

(F2F, Online, E-Learning)



Bill Carson
Impacts of Mental Health

Inspire Learning Empowers Managers for Psychosocial Safety

Current State – Coping

The Journey – The Performance and Wellbeing Skills Program
Future State – Thriving
Some of your team may be thriving but many may be uncertain, anxious, stressed, tense, making errors in work, variable productivity, negative, critical, withdrawn, complaining, disengaged, moody, many feel that work is just a job and a chore. Some may even be seriously thinking of leaving!

The consequences are profitability is down, productivity is down, increasing people issues, and customer complaints.
You and your team will revitalise and energise with self-development and skills enhancing activities in performance wellbeing, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and resilience to build total performance in work, relationships, health and life.

You will love the learning together, the insights and opportunities to grow and share in a safe way.

You as the Manager will gain greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing and how you can coach and guide your team to be their best selves.
Going forward you and your Team will become happier, productive, positive, more fully engaged, committed to helping customers, helpful towards each other, bright, energetic, bounce forward when things get tough, feel that work is a career and a calling

The benefits of this are that the company will be growing, the vibe will be happy, fun and energetic, customers will say positive things and employees will be telling their family and friends how much they enjoy their work.

Inspire Learning Purpose


We would like to assist you with person-centered Wellbeing Skills, Resilience Skills, Mindfulness Skills, Mental Health Skills and Team Psychosocial Safety for Leaders & their Team Members to Be Their Personal Best whether Remote/Virtual or In-office/On-site

What is your Purpose? Your Why? Why do you do what you do?

My Purpose… 

is to make a positive contribution of love to humanity every day, one person at a time.

My Vision…

is a world in which we have low levels of mental health issues, as every Human Being learns to connect with their Beingness and learns to control their Human-ness.

My Mission…

is to put this purpose and vision into practice by helping people to be at their best, and get relief from their suffering and struggling, by learning the skills and strategies to use their brain, mind, heart, and body more effectively.

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