10 Behaviours of Successful People


Learn the 10 behaviours of successful people, and build a personalised solution based on the unique needs and objectives for your organisation, and your team.

Optimise effectiveness, productivity, enjoyment and fulfilment.

We help your people focus on the type of ‘success’ that is their potential. We enable participants to become professionally and personally ‘deliberate,’ in order to drive balance and success in their lives.

This program provides each individual and the organisation with a powerful set of tools for engaging people’s hearts and minds in both their profession, and in life.

Learn how to apply a holistic way of thinking about success in all aspects of living.

About the Program

The core belief is that everyone can be successful no matter their rank, title, or salary.

The incredibly engaging content delivered in a cafe-style setting is based on the best-selling book “The Art of Deliberate Success” by Dr David Keane.

Unlike other programs that define “success” in terms of management or leadership position, wealth, fame and glamour, The 10 Behaviours of Successful People Program is aimed at everyone within small or large companies.


The 10 Behaviours are 10 deliberate strategies that can be implemented in everyday life. With careful and consistent application of these behaviours, the quality of your work and personal life can drastically improve.

What to Expect


Beginning with the question “What does success look like to you.” Bill Carson takes you and your team on a journey of discovery.

You’ll explore what it is that really successful people do, how they manage conflicting priorities, and ultimately what they do every day in pursuit of extraordinary results.

Come away with specific ideas for action, and a new mindset for looking at success in all aspects of your life.

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.” — JIM ROHN

Seminar 1: What Matters Most?
  • People who achieve success are not just lucky. They achieve results because they think in certain ways about what really matters. Most people believe that success is down to hard work, determination, and a never-give-up attitude; but it’s not the complete picture.

Seminar 2: Getting Stuff Done
  • When you look at truly successful people, you’ll notice something remarkable…they don’t seem to be too busy! In fact, they think very differently about their time and, as a result, they get very different results.

Seminar 3: Success is a Choice
  • Every day successful people make different kinds of choices. They deliberately choose where they put their focus, who to spend time with, how to use information and what to think. Are you deliberate about your professional and personal choices?

Outcomes For the Organisation

Organisations who have implemented 10 Behaviours programs, report:

  • Less stress in the workplace

  • More engagement and better staff wellbeing

  • A more productive work environment

  • Less focus on being busy, more focus on achieving results

  • Better talent retention reduced staff turnover

  • Stronger alignment between personal goals and organisational strategy

  • More readiness for change

  • Teams working better together

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism

Your Tools
  • Handy 10 behaviours workbook

  • Copy of the best-selling book

  • Special activation code for access to an App with powerful sustaining and empowering tools and resources

Key Outcomes for Individuals

This course is founded on the unique 10 Behaviours Framework, which lays out the 10 behaviours of successful people in an easy-to-understand format.

Upon completion you’ll be equipped to:

  • Know what success really means to you

  • Balance your professional and personal life

  • Work less, achieve more

  • Improve productivity

  • Be a better team player

  • Use smart tools to achieve big goals

  • Dramatically reduce unwanted stress in your life