The cost of workplace mental health injuries is up 80% in the last three years

The Current Challenges that are Impacting Many Companies

INTERNAL & External Customer Issues

High stress levels, Anxiety, anger, frustration, disengagement, blaming, complaining, lower morale

Supply chain CHALLENGES
Complexities of MATRIX Structure integration
Internal & External Customer Issues:
One of the biggest challenges that businesses are facing today is the issue of internal and external customer problems. This can range from communication issues between different departments, suppliers, and customers, to the lack of trust and transparency at various levels of the organization. In many cases, such issues can lead to conflicts, misunderstandings, and delays, negatively affecting the overall performance of the company. To tackle this challenge, businesses must focus on building a culture of open and transparent communication. This involves breaking down silos, promoting teamwork, and fostering a sense of ownership and accountability among employees. Moreover, it is essential to invest in training programs that equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with customer issues effectively.
High-Stress Levels, Anxiety, Frustration, Disengagement, Blaming, Complaining, and Lower Morale:
Another significant challenge that companies face today is high-stress levels, which can lead to anxiety, frustration, disengagement, blaming, complaining, and lower morale. The impact of these issues can significantly affect the productivity and performance of employees. Businesses must focus on creating a work environment that promotes work-life balance, encourages healthy living, and reduces stress levels. This includes investing in employee wellness programs, providing flexible working hours, and promoting a culture of positivity and appreciation. Furthermore, businesses must encourage employees to speak up and voice their concerns when they feel overwhelmed or stressed.
Complexities of MATRIX Structure Integration:
The complexities associated with a MATRIX structure integration are yet another challenge that companies are facing today. This structure involves multiple reporting lines, roles, and responsibilities, which can make it challenging to manage and coordinate different departments and teams. To overcome this challenge, businesses must focus on streamlining processes, defining roles and responsibilities, and ensuring effective communication across different levels of the organization. It is essential to invest in training programs that equip employees with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the complexities of a MATRIX structure. The challenges that businesses are facing today require a proactive approach to overcome them. Companies must recognize the importance of building a culture of communication, promoting employee wellness, and investing in training that equips employees with the necessary skills and knowledge. By addressing these challenges head-on, businesses can create a work environment that promotes productivity, engagement, and innovation.

Empowering Managers for Psychosocial Safety

Current State – Coping

The Journey – The Performance and Wellbeing Skills Program
Future State – Thriving
Some of your team may be thriving but many may be uncertain, anxious, stressed, tense, making errors in work, variable productivity, negative, critical, withdrawn, complaining, disengaged, moody, many feel that work is just a job and a chore. Some may even be seriously thinking of leaving!

The consequences are profitability is down, productivity is down, increasing people issues, and customer complaints.
You and your team will revitalise and energise with self-development and skills enhancing activities in performance wellbeing, neuroscience, emotional intelligence and resilience to build total performance in work, relationships, health and life.

You will love the learning together, the insights and opportunities to grow and share in a safe way.

You as the Manager will gain greater self-awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience and wellbeing and how you can coach and guide your team to be their best selves.
Going forward you and your Team will become happier, productive, positive, more fully engaged, committed to helping customers, helpful towards each other, bright, energetic, bounce forward when things get tough, feel that work is a career and a calling

The benefits of this are that the company will be growing, the vibe will be happy, fun and energetic, customers will say positive things and employees will be telling their family and friends how much they enjoy their work.

The Empowering Manager - Building a Psychosocially Safe & Thriving Workplace

Phase 1
Leader/Manager Strategies for Self-leadership, Team Motivation & Effectiveness Through High Change & Turbulent Times 4 x 90 min interactive virtual workshops
Phase 2
Coaching – Integration and Application of the Strategies One to one Personal Coaching for 60 mins with each Leader/Manager
Phase 3
Team Members – Strategies for Handling Issues, Changes & Upset Customers Optional

Phase 1A – Personal Strategies for Handling Issues, Changes & Upset Customers

(2 x 90 min interactive virtual )

1 – Personal Strategies

2 – Customer Strategies

Phase 1B –Leader/Manager Strategies for Team Motivation & Effectiveness Through Turbulent Times

2 x 90 min interactive virtual workshops

3 – Wellbeing & Mental Health Conversation Skills for Managers

4 – Strategies for Team Motivation and Effectiveness

What You Get


Following the Training and Coaching Workshops you get –


You get interactive virtual training sessions and coaching sessions that your Manager and Team members will enjoy and be inspired by.


Before the Workshop you will be able to assess your current Mindset Fitness and Resilience across the six Skills of Purpose, Tenacity, Composure, Collaboration, Reasoning and Health

You also get a pdf Workbook to take notes during the Workshops and Coaching