In today’s fast-paced and dynamic work environment, employees are facing a growing number of challenges and demands. This, coupled with the stress of their personal lives, has led to a dramatic increase in burnout, anxiety, depression, overwhelm and stress. As a result, organisations are realising the importance of investing in Resilience Wellbeing Champions who possess the skills needed to provide first aid support for resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.

Resilience first aid skills are critical in today’s workplace, where stress and burnout are becoming increasingly common. These skills are designed to help people manage their stress levels and build resilience in their daily lives. Resilience first aid skills can help employees recognise symptoms of stress and implement techniques to alleviate it. They can also offer support to colleagues who may be struggling with their own stress levels and provide useful advice and tools to help them take care of their well-being.

Secondly, resilience first aid skills can help staff maintain high-performance levels in the workplace. Resilience is about being able to face challenges and setbacks, learn from them, and realise that things will eventually get better. Resilience first aid skills can help individuals and teams build their capacity to resist stress and bounce back quickly after setbacks. This, in turn, can help staff maintain their productivity and achieve their goals.

Thirdly, resilience first aid skills can help organisations create a culture of well-being and resilience. When staff are equipped with the necessary skills to manage their stress levels and build their resilience, they are more likely to perform better and feel more supported in the workplace. By investing in resilience first aid training for staff, organisations can create a workplace culture that prioritises employee wellbeing and resilience.

Fourthly, building resilience skills can lead to greater job satisfaction and motivation. If staff are better equipped to manage stress and overcome challenges, they are more likely to feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment in their roles. This sense of achievement can lead to greater job satisfaction, motivation, and engagement. Research has shown that employees with higher levels of well-being and resilience perform better, have better relationships with colleagues, and take less time off for sickness.

Finally, resilience first aid skills can help organisations manage the costs associated with stress, burnout, and absenteeism. By creating a culture that prioritises employee well-being and taking an active approach to resilience first aid, companies can reduce the costs associated with absenteeism, turnover, and lost productivity.

Assist your teams to be their Personal Best – Productive, Passionate, and Purposeful.

We help your Leaders, Managers, and Team Members to thrive through change.

They will energise and empower with self-development and skills-enhancing learning activities and skills in wellbeing, stress resilience, mental health, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence to build their total performance in work, relationships, health, and life.

You wish more people had more resources to cope with life and work, and not bring their issues and burdens to work. But, we bring our whole selves to work. Perhaps you have tried to make changes, but you have never really had a comprehensive program to work with.

That’s ok. With our evidence-based and highly effective program, your Managers will want to take a more proactive approach to the wellbeing, mental health, and resilience of their team members which will improve their commitment and engagement

Your Customised Program Will Help You…


When your Managers and team members are less stressed and happier at work your productivity and innovation skyrockets


Your customers/clients will feel the difference in dealing with your passionate and purposeful team members and will keep coming back for that positive experience


With individuals and teams being more efficient, collaborative, and innovative, you will have reduced costs, less waste, and hence stronger positioning in your competitive markets.




I have created the ultimate Action Guide to show you how to have mental and emotional ftness and resilience during the turbulent times we are living in.

This Wellbeing Fitness Skills for Work & Life – Action Guide,

gives you a quick way to check out how you are currently doing and then look at the Coaching Questions to help you make shifts in the areas that are most important to you AND which will make the biggest differences to your Happiness and Emotional Freedom.

It`s Super Easy To Get Started

Step 1 – Text Bill Now
Step 2 – Collaborate on creating a tailored plan for your company and/or teams
Step 3 – Let’s implement the plan together
Step 4 – Then celebrate your productive, passionate and purposeful people and culture

How does it get implemented?

Through a 30 day to 6-month Program of:
1.Team Wellbeing & Resilience Skills Training – 2 x 2 hr interactive online workshops
2.Team Wellbeing Group Coaching – 2 x 60 min group coaching sessions
3.Manager Wellbeing Personal Coaching – 4 x 60 min personal coaching sessions
4.Pre & Post Assessments
5.Embedding and Reinforcement Online Learning – for 6 months with a powerful app.
What does success look like for you

Your Team:

Will become happy, productive, positive, fully engaged, committed to helping customers, helpful towards each other, bright, energetic, bounce forward when things get tough, feel that work is a career and a calling.

The benefits of this are that the company will be growing, the vibe will be happy, fun, and energetic, customers will say positive things and employees will be telling their family and friends how much they enjoy their work.

Better Results. Faster.

Many team members are anxious, uncertain, stressed, tense, making errors in their work, variable productivity, negative, critical, withdrawn, complaining, disengaged, moody, many feel that work is just a job and a chore

Imagine your Team being happy, productive, positive, fully engaged, committed to helping customers, helpful towards each other, bright, energetic, bounce forward when things get tough, feel that work is a career and a calling!

But you are getting more concerned and frustrated that many people in the company are struggling.

”It is making my job even harder. I am dealing with more of our people’s personal issues than the more strategic needs of the business, that I should be focused on” HR Manager.

But what if the Leaders and Managers had the self-awareness and the skills to help each team member bring out their strengths and contribute more of their full potential.

What a difference that would make to the level of engagement and productivity of your company.

Better Results Faster
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