Stress Trigger-Change and Loss in Life is one thing that may trigger stress and that then spirals into mental health problems.  There are 40 different types of change and loss that we all experience at times, but when they start to cascade your mental health starts to suffer.  How you deal with change and loss can determine how you come out the other side and this will have an impact on your mental health.  The following online courses are aimed at preventing the slide into mental illness and help you to deal with change and process the losses in your life.

change and resilience

Change and Resilience

Most of us are aware of this proverb. Yet, when the time comes, we find that the proverb—while educational—doesn’t offer a solution for what to do when change hits us.

The answer to this question can be summed up in one word—resilience.

Beyond Loss

Beyond Loss

Have you noticed that most of us have never been taught how move beyond loss? There wasn’t a class. There wasn’t anything that prepared us. No wonder many of us are stuck in avoidance and end up suffering in silence.

It does not have to be this way.

When you’re ready to find meaning and purpose in regard to all that has happened, join us at the Beyond loss Virtual Retreat and Unwrap the Gift this Loss has brought to you.

This course is purposefully designed for people who like to take their time to review and intrinsically understand each insightful lesson, before moving onto the next one.