Taking Control of Your Own Mental Health to Increase Resilience

Taking Control of Your Own Mental and Emotional Health

The past two years has been hard for everyone. COVID-19 has placed a lot of mental strain, stress and created anxiety for people. Families have been impacted. We have seen an increase in suicides due to COVID, domestic violence and marriages have ended. For you to maintain psychological balance (good mental health) you need to start taking responsibility for your own mental health. 

The basic meaning of mental health refers to all aspects of the psychological and activity process in a good or normal state. Mental health has different meanings from different perspectives, and the measurement standards are also different. Whatever good mental health means to you, you need to find strategies and solutions that will help you to be resilient and able to cope with life challenges.

Your evolving environment: your personality characteristics are different to others; your emotional reactions are not the same as others; so, you need to develop your own mental health plan.

Most people tend to go to their doctor first when they are feeling overwhelmed, but medication should not be the first choice. Learning techniques and strategies that you can implement you cope is a learnt life skill. Once you have mastered the techniques and skills you will find things are easier to deal with.

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Become a Mental Warrior

Become a Mental Warrior

To be a mental warrior or mentally it does not happen by accident. It requires exercising your mental muscles and putting strategies into place.

In our online course Taking Control of Your Own Mental Health, you will learn practical tools and techniques to successfully engage with the people in your work life and your home life. You will learn to recognise the potential challenges and what defensive strategies you need to put in place.

Especially during challenging times, you need to know the strategies that will make you mentally fit. You will learn to recognise your own signs of struggling, languishing, or thriving and the range of resources for your own self-care and mental wellbeing.

Do you bounce forward from negative work and life experiences?

Or is there a wake of stress and chaos from you?

Not everybody can bounce back appropriately and the reason in most cases is that they have not been taught how to effectively to process the negative things that happen in life.  The old saying “the straw that broke the camels back”… each of us can cope with a certain amount of stress and negative things but there comes a point on when one minor issue happens and we explode everywhere and on everyone…  Learning how to deal effectively with stress and also how to deal with losses in life is crucial to our mental wellbeing.

Our online course can help you before things get to the point where you are exploding over everyone.

Do you bounce forward from negative work and life experiences
Do you know how to identify your own stress triggers

Do you know how to identify your own stress triggers?

Can you regulate your emotions to stay calm and not attack others with your anger, or attack yourself and become withdrawn and insecure?

Everyone has different stress triggers that cause a reaction within us and ignoring them is not the answer. It is one of the major causes of marriage breakdowns because people ignore it until there is an eruption.

Learn how to identify and manage your own stress triggers by doing the online course… Taking Control of Your Own Mental Health