Team Psychosocial Safety

Do you know how your team members are feeling?

As a manager or team leader, It is important to have a clear understanding of your Team’s Psychosocial Safety, and how they are feeling both mentally and emotionally. Workplace stress and burnout can have a significant impact on an individual’s mental health and overall job satisfaction, resulting in reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, and employee turnover. Recent changes to Work Health & Safety legislation have placed an emphasis on Psychosocial Hazards in the workplace, highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing the impact of workplace stress on employees.  

Corrina Blank

The world has undergone rapid change since COVID-19. People have lost:

  • Their Lifestyle

  • Their Freedom

  • Their Family and Friends

  • Their Sense of Identity

  • Their Hope for the future

Many are now working from home.

How can you identify who is struggling or coping during these challenging times?

Evaluate the psychosocial safety status of your people via a quick assessment tailored to your organisation

FACT: “Google’s Project Aristotle analysed the best performing teams. The conclusion – Psychosocial Safety, more than any other factor, was critical to making a team work most effectively and productively.

Team Psychosocial Safety has a critical impact that affects everything we do – in business and at home.

And there is also substantial research and evidence pointing to the significant financial impact on your company.

The Team Psychosocial Safety Will Affect –

However you measure the productivity of your team, it rises and falls significantly in line with psychosocial safety

Staff Turnover

Staff retention is directly affected – high team psychosocial safety increases loyalty and decreases turnover

Workplace Safety

When team psychosocial safety increases, incidents relating to physical safety have been shown to significantly decline

What Happens When You Increase Team Psychosocial Safety?

A recent survey by Gallup found that when companies doubled staff psychosocial safety levels the outcomes were:

  • 27% Less Staff Turnover

  • 40% Less Safety Incidents

  • 12% More Productivity

Increase Team Productivity
Steps to Improving Team Psychosocial Safety

Link team psychosocial safety levels with your organisation’s challenges, concerns, and internal metrics.

Unlock your people’s potential

1. Measure

Team psychosocial safety is measured by administering The 4 Stages™ assessment – a 12 question survey that takes less than 4 minutes to uncover how your team members are feeling.

2. Pinpoint

The 4 Stages™ software is specifically designed to show psychosocial safety levels within every team in an organisation.

3. Analyze

The 4 Stages™ also helps you link psychosocial safety with business metrics. This helps you measure progress and develop business cases.

4. Improve

The robust software suggests ways you can significantly improve and maintain psychosocial safety in your teams.

Learn more about this powerful and practical way to identify opportunities and look out for your people