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Sales is a very critical and sophisticated business skill, especially today. Invest in sales resilience skills training and selling solutions for performance and service excellence.

Salespeople, owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, if you want to perform at your peak and thrive in today’s changing market and hectic world, this is your toolkit.

  • Sales Resilience Skills for sales professionals and service professionals

  • Powerful collaborative solution selling skills


Resilient Selling Skills Training

One Day Workshop with Bill Carson.
Build the mental and emotional strength of sales professionals as they strive to meet increasing company, client and customer demands.

Learn the mindset and strategies to drive increased professional and personal performance.

Resilient Selling Skills teaches salespeople the Mindset Skills and Strategies to function at peak effectiveness in business, relationships and life. For each participant it enhances self-knowledge and self-leadership to bring increased professional and personal success. Better outcomes for their organisation, clients, stakeholders, family…and themselves.

Just as physical fitness and health is important and requires our attention, the same is true of the brain. If you’re not exercising your brain effectively in sales, you’re at risk of underperforming and suffering unnecessary ongoing stress.
Your Outcomes:
Empower your sales team through learning:
  • How to identify stress triggers and regulate emotions in order to stay calm in stressful work situations

  • How to develop strong meaning and purpose in their work

  • How to bounce forward from negative work and life experiences

  • How to work more collaboratively and avoid getting triggered by other people

  • How to improve planning and reduce the impact of unplanned events

Your Tools:

Pre-workshop, participants will receive a measure of their current mindset fitness and resilience across six domains: Purpose, Tenacity, Composure, Collaboration, Reasoning, and Health.

  1. Following the workshop, attendees gain access to an online interactive learning program to continue exercising and building mindset fitness and resilience.

  2. Access to a powerful app that teaches skills on how to release and remove the blocks and resistances that are preventing salespeople from performing at their best.

Sales Training - CARE Selling


Sales training with a difference. CARE selling is a collaborative sales approach, to help you better align with your buyers, and create value. Discover the advanced mindset, skillset and processes to understand and influence your buyer’s needs, concerns and decision criteria.

Develop the skills and build the confidence of your sales team

Sales Training - CARE Selling
Assessment and Embedding

Inspire Learning sales training and coaching programs achieve measurable results. How? They are thoughtfully customised to your business and your people. With Bill’s extensive sales, training and business expertise we undertake a detailed assessment of your current capabilities and objectives.

To guarantee a return on your investment in your team, we ensure positive changes and new behaviours are embedded into your company from the top down.