Mental Health Awareness & Resources for Yourself

for Teams In-office/Onsite/At home/Hybrid Interactive Worksop

1.5-Hours Workshop - F2F or Virtual

Be Proactive About Mental Health, Wellbeing, and Resilience For You, Your team and Your Organisation

Mental Health Awareness and Resources for Yourself and Others– for Teams In-office/Onsite/At home/Hybrid Interactive Workshop provides a foundation and framework for assisting Managers and Team Members to understand and care for their mental and emotional wellbeing in the context of working at a workplace or from home or hybrid. Managers and Team members will learn practical tools and techniques to successfully engage in the workplace environment of virtual and in-person while recognising the potential challenges as well.

Acknowledging that communication is critical in maintaining connections, especially during challenging times, Managers & Team members will be assisted to recognise their own signs of struggling, coping or thriving and the range of resources for their own self-care and mental wellbeing.

Key Learning Outcomes

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