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How to have SAFE conversations that make a difference in someone’s life.

SAFE Conversations are about taking a proactive approach to performance management and interpersonal conflict in the workplace, and hence facilitating psychological safety. Most Managers and Team members do not know how to have a conversation with someone whose work performance has been impacted by personal challenges.

Many people do not have the skills to deal with these complex personal situations, and will often negatively impact the psychological safety of their team members or colleagues.
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In SAFE Conversations, a Manager or Team Member is not taught to be a Doctor or Therapist.

They are taught to notice the signs that a Team Member/Colleague may be struggling, and to engage in a compassionate person-centred conversation to empower the person to seek assistance – either through their Employee Assistance Program or their own Doctor, or other sources of assistance. They are taught to withhold the blaming, shaming, advice-giving and problem-solving.

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