Strategies for Wellbeing and Health While Working From Home

Strategies for Wellbeing and Health While Working From Home

The ‘Mental Health Strategies for Working from Home’ virtual learning course provides a foundation and framework for assisting Team Members to understand and care for their mental and emotional wellbeing in the context of working at home, remotely and/or at a workplace.

You will learn practical tools and techniques to successfully engage the virtual environment while recognising the potential challenges as well.

Acknowledging that communication is critical in maintaining connections, especially during challenging times, You will be assisted to recognise your own signs of struggling, languishing or thriving and the range of resources for your own self-care and mental wellbeing.

The Key Outcomes are –

  1. Recognise common responses to uncertainty, stress, isolation, and loss of connection

  2. Identify signs when we might be struggling with work in the virtual world

  3. Adopt techniques to enable productive remote working while maintaining wellbeing

  4. Explore and utilise a range of support options

  5. Apply strategies to successfully care for yourself and others