What is the Difference Between a Strong Manager and a Weak Manager?

These are my ideas I would be interested in yours. My version is that a weak manager will focus on your weaknesses and a strong manager will focus on your strengths.  A weak manager finds fault all the time, they put you down, criticise you, they have unrealistic expectations, and they focus on the negative.  […]

The Importance of Good Reasoning Skills for Resilience

Your mind loves to reason – it’s what many of us believe we’re best at! Reasoning skills are a key factor in resilience and involve critical thinking, resourcefulness and problem-solving. To be truly effective it also requires us to understand ourselves really well. Do you have a voice of reason? Here are some questions to […]

How to Gain Composure and Emotional Intelligence

One of the most challenging aspects of being a ‘’grown up’’ is the ability to stay calm when the child within you wants to stamp their feet and rage because things don’t go your way. It’s a very human condition and happens to all of us. Composure is the maturity and acquired skill of staying […]

The Importance of Healthy Collaboration

Another word for collaboration is relationship. We all have them with varying degrees of success. Whether it’s an intimate relationship, business relationship, family or friendships. In a perfect world friendship laced with mutual respect is a common thread through all of these connections. As most of us live in an imperfect world it can be […]

How to Define Your Vision And Purpose

Vision and purpose are essential components of our life symphony. An orchestra of answers to multiple questions that work together to create harmony, and something intensely meaningful to you. It’s your answers to these questions that create clarity and coherence, enabling the right way forward to present itself. How does life feel when you lack […]

Tenacity – A life skill we all knew and may have forgotten

“It’s your reaction to adversity, not adversity itself that determines how your life’s story will develop.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf   When did you last watch a small child learn how to crawl or walk?It’s a milestone achievement we all accomplished, and few of us remember. Fearless to a degree, children are little tenacious engines. They […]

Mental Health vs Mental Illness

All of us experience mental health challenges at various times in our lives – it is part of the human condition – and these days it can seem like it’s an epidemic. However, in our cultures, we have a lot of misunderstandings and stigma associated with mental health and mental illness.  One of the strange […]

Stress in the Workplace: How mental fitness & resilience skills can help

How mental fitness & resilience skills can help? The economic cost of workplace stress in Australia is over AU$14 billion and spiralling upwards, with a huge loss of productivity. [1] Absenteeism is on the up, and presenteeism is another concerning byproduct of stress and mental health related unwellness. Presenteeism is the all-too common occurrence of […]

Mental Health Problem or Performance Issue ?

How do business leaders, owners, managers and team leaders distinguish the difference between an under-performing employee and those who are suffering a mental health problem? We have all been there – we have had some pretty difficult patches in our lives, or you might be going through it now! We put on the mask and we go […]

Mental Health First Aid– Who Needs It

Every business has a first aid kit in the cupboard for those unexpected physical injuries. But how many businesses are prepared to administer Mental Health First Aid? We have all experienced personal challenges getting in the way of us doing our jobs well. After all, life happens and difficulties come up. Around 1 in 5 […]