SAFE Mental Health and Wellbeing Conversation Skills

Three-Hours Workshop - F2F or Virtual

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The “SAFE Mental Health and Wellbeing Conversation Skills” workshop is a three-hour in-person or virtual interactive session led by Bill Carson, a certified master mental health first aid instructor and resilience coach.
The workshop aims to equip managers and leaders with the skills to engage in compassionate and person-centered conversations with team members who may be experiencing mental and emotional challenges or difficulties.
The training focuses on separating personal issues from performance issues, understanding the continuum of mental health and illness/injury, recognizing signs of struggle, building trust and empathy, asking appropriate questions, active listening, empowering individuals to seek assistance, and managing one’s own self-care. The workshop provides customized activities, extensive skills practice, and additional resources for managers to cultivate an authentic and caring workplace culture.
This does not teach managers to be doctors or therapists, but how to turn down their problem-solving and advice-giving brain to engage in an appropriate conversation to empower the other person to come their own awareness of their situation and the resources available to support them.
Key Learning Outcomes:
Overall, the workshop equips managers with the necessary skills to have meaningful conversations, identify signs of struggle, connect team members with relevant resources, and contribute to a more engaged and committed work culture.

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